Politics of Design. Public talk with Ruben Pater

  • 'Politics of Design', 2016, book cover
    1/5 | 'Politics of Design', 2016, book cover
  • 'Done Survibal Giude', 2013
    2/5 | 'Done Survibal Giude', 2013
  • Double Standards publication, 2012
    3/5 | Double Standards publication, 2012
  • Double Standards publication, 2012, spreads.
    4/5 | Double Standards publication, 2012, spreads.
  • Life after the Flood, First Dutch flood manual. Design: Ruben Pater, 2011.
    5/5 | Life after the Flood, First Dutch flood manual. Design: Ruben Pater, 2011.
Mayak School Creative Industries, Admiralteyskiy canal emb, 2L, St Petersburg
05.12.2017 - 18:00
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Politics of Design
December 5, 18.00
Mayak school, Admiralteysky canal emb, 2Л
Free entrance, registration needed 
Under the name Untold Stories Ruben Pater creates visual narratives about geopolitical issues. Projects are initiated in which research is followed by visual ways of storytelling for a wide audience, creating new relations between journalism and design. His ‘Drone Survival Guide’ (2013), received attention worldwide as an educational and activist tool against military drones. A research into disaster communication in times of climate change resulted in the ‘First Dutch Flood Manual’ (2011), and ‘Double Standards’ (2012) was an installation and publication about the role of global maritime trade in Somali piracy. His first book The Politics of Design (BIS Publishers, 2016) is global guide for designers towards a more responsible visual communication. He started his career working for graphic design studios from 2000-2013. He currently teaches at the bachelor and master of graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague.

Ruben Pater: "Design is not some magic force that will solve the world’s problems, and assuming this is dangerous. However, designers can try to lessen the negative impact that design has on the world and turn it into something positive".

Ruben has been invited to St Petersburg by Creative Associaiton of Curators TOK to take part in the 4th season of their project 'Critical Mass' about youth policy and integration of creative practices into the work of institutions targeted at youths. During his residency Ruben will develop a new project for the space of the Rosa House of Culture (run by Chto Delat? art collective), where the final international conference of the 4th season of the 'Critical Mass' 'Fast Forward to the Future' will take place on December 8 and 9. 

During his talk at the 'Mayak' school Ruben will speak about his past and ongoing project, his vision of design as profession and mission and his recently published book 'Politics of Design'. 


The fourth season of 'Critical Mass'  is organized by Creative Association of Curators TOK and supported by
Consulate General of the Netherlands in St Petersburg
Sector for Y​outh ​P​olicy and ​C​ollaboration with ​P​ublic ​O​rganizations of the Administration of the Petrogradskiy ​D​istrict
Nordic Culture Fund
FRAME Finnish Visual Art Foundation
Taiga Space
European Cultural Foundation