Project: Get Real! Online discussions series

8. April 2021 - 18:00, Online discussion

The talk will provide a brief overview of housing policies and architecture in Estonia during the Soviet and Post-Soviet periods with an additional aspect on gendered use of residential spaces. Similarly to the other Soviet socialist republics, industrial methods in mass housing construction were introduced in Estonia with the Khruchchev thaw in the end of the 1950s, and modernist free planning based on the model of microrayons continued well into the 1980s, resulting in big homogenous residential areas with a scarcity of public amenities to support housing. Re-establishment of independence in 1991 culturally and socially meant a strong desire to return to the pre-war values, including a living standard and a family model embodied in a private house, generating a remarkable wave of suburbanization from the end of the 1990s till today. In the talk Ingrid Ruudi will outline some possibilities for an intersectional feminist analysis of those changes in residential patterns over the past half a century. The event is a part of "Get Real!" online discussions series. 

25. March 2021 - 17:00, Online discussion

The conversation with documentary filmmaker Chad Freidrichs will focus on the tragic story of The Pruitt-Igoe public housing development in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Completed in 1954, the government-sponsored 33 11-story buildings became homes for many underprivileged families and people with lower income. Twenty years later the whole housing project was declared unfit for habitation and demolished. In his famous film ‘The Pruitt-Igoe Myth’ (2011) Chad Freidrichs conducts an investigation on the Pruitt-Igoe story and reconstructs a complex picture of city politics and urban policy behind the American modernist architecture. The film also serves as a platform for the voices of St Louis residents who were discriminated against based on their race and social status. The event is a part of "Get Real!" online discussions series. 

11. March 2021 - 17:00, Online discussion

Architect and architectural historian Dr Zvi Efrat will discuss the Israeli horizontal housing block project of the 1950s and its aftermath as a political symptom of a regime of centralist control over lands, infrastructure, planning, production, and population mobilization. He will argue that only an authoritative state apparatus (or a proto-state monopolistic organization such as the Labor Federation) has the territorial drive and the administrative capability to seize and nationalize lands; to annul existing parcelizations; to disperse ad hoc  “facts on the ground”; to lay wasteful infrastructure across the landscape;  to devise random urban and architectural compositions; to dictate and regulate zoning and building standards; to duplicate, replicate, and mutate at  every scale; and to charge baseline generic architecture with patriotism (“ingathering of the exiles”) and welfare-state (“melting pot”) rhetoric. The event is a part of "Get Real!" online discussion series. 

11. February 2021 - 17:00, Discussion

Consumer credit and mortgages have emerged as pivot institutions affecting lives of vast majority of Russians. For many of them consumer loan appears to be the only available strategy for upward mobility and therefore considerably impacts individual and family strategies. This makes credit the foundation of political power and dependence in Russia. Credit limits and structures collective action and radically reshapes the nexus of relationship between individual and community. Drawing on the findings of an ethnographic study, sociologist Greg Yudin will point out three political premises and effects of the current spread of consumer credit in Russia. The talk is a part of TOK online discussion series 'Get Real!'.

28. January 2021 - 19:00, Дискуссия

Artist Wilf Speller will critically examine the contemporary forms and motifs of luxury real estate marketing as reflections of the modes of production typical to the commodity landscape from which they emerge. In particular they will focus on the CGI videos used for the sale of off-plan property that, Wilf argue, do not only project a particular image of the world, but that the very mode of imaging used in their production reflects the technoaesthetics of the neoliberal ideology. In his argument Speller engage with form through a Marxist analysis of the commodity form as well as a politico-aesthetic understanding of ideology. The talk is a part of TOK online discussion series 'Get Real!'

14. January 2021 - 19:00, Discussion

Artist Ola Hassanain will deliver a compilation of spatial analyses that explore the dynamics between state and people in the context of Khartoum (Sudan) and will  discuss how architecture, the physical environment and/ or the Urban-scape are implicated in manifesting terror. The analyses draws from experiential narratives from different positionalities of women as critical spatial practice that evokes a notion of "the Outdoors" as a possibilty to collectively exist outside of state spatial dominance and terror. The talk is a part of TOK online discussion series 'Get Real!'


17. December 2020 - 19:00, Дискуссия
On-line event

As a part of the series of online discussions about housing policy "Get Real!" a sociologist of urban studies Anna Zhelnina will talk about housing activism that was instigated around the housing renovation program in Moscow. She will touch upon the socio-political processes that were revealed and the mechanisms were launched by the Moscow's "Renovation".

Project: States of Control

3. November 2020 - 20:00, Дискуссия

On November 3, TOK curates an online debate about elections as a platform for representation of the people's collective will. The international group of speakers, while observing the U.S. elections live, will discuss the very mechanisms and procedures in different contexts and potential alternatives to them. The conversation will also reflect on the manipulation and suppression of voters and election processes in different countries. Central to the discussion will be the theme of political imaginary and the role of art and social science (academia) in articulating both current and visionary political horizons.

Project: Самостоятельное событие

16. October 2020 - 12:00, Дискуссия

The international curatorial symposium organized, initiated and curated by TOK will serve as a knowledge-production component of the IV Arctic Art Forum by addressing regional issues in relation to the global context through the lens of contemporary curating, artistic production and research, and the potentiality of forms they may take. Landing the symposium on the context of Arkhangelsk and the Arctic region, TOK continues a series of public events about radical democratic structures and projects of contemporary curators, artists and academic researchers that analyze and articulate the conditions of contemporary realities.

22. February 2020 - 20:00, Выставка
4 Ha'Amoraim Street, P.O Box 317, Holon 5810202, Israel

Off to Space: Countenarrating the Cosmos is a group exhibition bringing together works by 6 international artists and collectives dealing with contested narratives, public history and turbulent contemporary political contexts by analyzing and revisiting space exploration strategies that started in the 20th century as attempts to widen geopolitical influence, accumulate power and make utopian  futures possible. Presenting space exploration from positions of ethnic minorities, women, animals, small communities, dependent economies and displaying how affected space representations have always been by current dominant ideologies and political visions, the exhibition becomes a platform for discovering a variety of counterfuturisms and temporalities and offers artistic ways of reclaiming displaced stories and representations of the past and future.

5. October 2019 - 19:30, Лекция
New Holland, Pavillion, Admiralteyskiy channel emb., 2

In her presentation curator Mirjam Westen at the Museum Arnhem (The Netherlands) will focus on expanding formats of contemporary curating that require new contexts of collaborations and interactions. Relying on her experience of connecting female artists of different generations throughout her practice, she will highlight historical and current projects by feminist artists and curators who have redefined curatorship and will elucidate how these new visions have influenced her practice as a curator.  


3. October 2019 - 11:00, Семинар
New Holland Island, The Pavillion, Admiralteyskiy channel emb., 2

As a part of the 1st Curatorial Forum, organized by the North-Western branch of National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) ROSIZO, TOK will curate an internaitonal symposium that will focus on extending territories of curatorial and artistic practices as well as changing conditions of curatorial profession. Together with the local art community we will analyze the role and impact of curatorship in rethinking historical discourses and reshaping understanding about publicness, sharing, and solidarity in the artistic domain.

3. October 2019 - 11:00, Выставка
Новая Голландия, Павильон, наб. Адмиралтейского канала, 2

Feeling the need to analyze the current conditions of the curatorial profession, which have been shaped over the past ten years by political, economic, and environmental degradation, TOK  is organizing a retrospective exhibition «How To Work Together» about the duo’s practice and the role of a curator in the contemporary society. TOK curators will showcase archival materials, video interviews, and objects commissioned from artists reflecting the global and local transformations of the past ten years These chronological markers, that have defined the current political agenda, will be mapped alongside the stages of TOK’s development, and will allow us to reflect upon the change in society and within all of us.

9. June 2019 - 17:00, Дискуссия
Katri Valan Puisto, Sörnäinen, Helsinki

The discussion between curator Maria Veits, artists Andréa Stanislav (USA) and Axel Straschnoy (FI) and President of the Finnish Astronautical Society Mika Javala (FI) is instigated by the returning space race and the impact it has had on the environmental, political, economic, and social climate in historical perspective and contemporary context. We will discuss alternative, non-official and silenced narratives connected to the topic of the space and will explore various artistic formats of presenting counternarratives about the cosmos from female, ethnic, racial and ecological perspectives. The discussion is a part of the Shelter Festival in Helsinki. 

16. May 2019 - 19:00, Выставка
CCI Fabrica, Perevedenovskiy per., 18, Moscow

In 'Yiddish Cosmos'  artist Yevgeniy Fiks offers an alternative view on the Soviet history - by looking at it from the position of the Soviet space conquest and Soviet Jewry, it creates a futuristic narrative where the ideas of technological development merge with the principles of Yiddish culture and reinterpretation of the figure of a Soviet refusenik and his struggle for liberty of movement. The exhibition addresses the history of antisemitism in the USSR, connection between the Jewish and dissident movements, and attempts of the Soviet Jews to preserve the Yiddish culture despite governmental persecutions.

16. March 2019 - 15:00, Перформанс
Center for Fine Arts, BOZAR, Studio space. Address: Rue Ravenstein 23 1000 BRUSSELS

'Debates on Division' is an ongoing, interactive performance that deals with the complexity of current political reality and its implications. What begins as a fictional TV talk show with invited actors and artists ends with a performative procession to the European Parliament. Gluklya and Anna Bitkina thus aim to create a public forum that highlights different forms of human fragility and traumas caused by deviating from established political structures.

26. October 2018 - 11:00, Выставка
ArtCube Artists' Studios, HaOman St., 4th floor, Talpiot 26, Jerusalem

FreiAir Airline project (in Hebrew ''freier'' is used to describe someone who is easily fooled) is an art initiative that takes form of a fictional airline company. It is an experimental collective process of challenging the economic system and power relations in the neoliberal society and suggesting other forms of reciprocity and capital exchange. The FreiAir Airline audiences are invited to co-create a new enterprise of “freierness” and contribute to developing the new company, which main slogan "We give without receiving" subverts the idea of economic reciprocity and financial profit. 

30. June 2018 - 18:00, Показ
Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf Birkenstr. 47, Düsseldorf

TOK Сurators and Inge Lāce will present the chapter Performing Words, Uttering Performance as a part of the 'D'Est: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former ‘East’ and ‘West’.  The chapter focuses on works that reflect upon shifts in language and meaning and employ diverse silent, verbal, performative, activist, and other strategies to discuss collective and personal memory, identity, power relations, gender roles, and socio-political change. 


Project: Critical Mass. Season 5

12. October 2019 - 16:00, Дискуссия
New Holland, Pavillion, Admiralteyskiy channel emb., 2

On October 12, the 5th season of the “Critical Mass” will launch with an open discussion with the artists participating in the new season. Entitled ‘Get Real!’, it is  devoted to the emerging and complex issues of housing, real estate and contemporary and historical housing conditions in post-socialist and neoliberal contexts. All the speakers will talk about their projects and initiatives dealing with the issues of real estate and its ownership, diverse housing programs and projects, social urban landscapes and participation of citizens in decision making on city level. TOK curators will speak about their research in the framework of the 5th season of ‘Critical Mass’, which will take place in the South-West of Russia. 

Project: Fast Forward to the Future: Empowerment of Young People Through Arts

26. April 2019 - 16:00, Выставка
Lunagallerian, Storgatan 15, 151 27 Södertälje

The two-festival in Södertälje (Sweden) grows out of an intense week of workshops that aims to decode the host city of Södertälje by bringing young people's stories and images back into the streets with the help of artists from Russia and Sweden. Utilizing activist methods through city parade, text/poetry, mental maps, news production and urban sound exploration as well as co-creating the realities of tomorrow through formulating utopian scenarios via performance and collective printing. The festival, which is a part of the 'Fast forward to the Future' project revolts around three main themes: "Youthopia", "Recode the city" and "Youth and urban-related identity: that's what matters".

Project: The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange. Part 2

8. September 2018 - 19:00, Выставка
Museum of Impossible Forms Keinulaudankuja 4 E, Helsinki

Keniya Yurkova  decided to enter communication with the community in a peculiar way. Making small installations using leftover of previous tenants, or reshaping common areas, even pranking a management company, she provoked discussions among the community members struggling with an unexpected and uninvited intrusion. Through interventions into spaces, through small transgressions questioning the guest status, then she pursued questions about vulnerable boundaries between notions of public and private, and conditions where hospitality turns into hostility.

7. September 2018 - 19:00, Выставка
Konepajan Bruno, Aleksis Kivenkatu 19a, Helsinki

Consisting of a performance, home videos, archival documents and found objects, the project revolves around the 'penal' ('pencil case' in Russian) of Pasha’s grandfather that became a symbolic object for the family reminding about the deportation of Ingrian Finnish population both by the Soviet authorities and the Nazis and hard labour of GULAG prisoners in the camps during and long after the war, which mainly dealt with tree cutting and woodworking.

6. September 2018 - 18:00, Lecture
Finnish-Russian school, Kaarelankuja 2, Helsinki

The lecture will address the significance of the 1990s wave of immigration from Russia to Finland and the relations between the two countries through the prism of school education. Performed in the format of a school field trip, the lecture links theoretical interest to personal experience. Back in 1964, the school was built on the outskirts of Helsinki, and up until 1990s it served as a singular educational experiment in Soviet-Finnish relationships. 

5. September 2018 - 17:00, Выставка
Kallio Library, Viides linja 11, Helsinki

The new piece by Ilya Orlov presented in the Kallio library refers to literary theorist and critic Victor Shklovsky and his short period of exile in Finland. The sculpture is based on the early 1920s avant-garde visual motives and is dedicated to “Monument to a Scientific Error” (1930), the article that can be seen not as an opportunist text but rather a statement about the end of the formalist theory that didn’t fit into the new political reality. 

28. August 2018 - 17:00, Лекция
Athena, Siltavuorenpenger 3A, auditorium 107, Helsinki

In her lecture event Minna Henriksson will talk about similarities in discourses of ‘race’ in different periods of time in Finland toward Ingrians and other ethnically Finnish-related peoples in the Russian territory. The lecture will take place in the former Anatomy theater that is now part of the University of Helsinki.

27. August 2018 - 18:00, Выставка
Culture for All (Kulttuuria kaikille -palvelu / Kultur för alla) The Cable Factory, Tallberginkatu 1, staircase D, 5th floor, Helsinki

In the focus of the newly commissioned series of prints by Kalle Hamm is the complex relations between homosexuality, gender identity and the institute of church as well as their representation in religion.

Project: The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange

15. June 2018 - 18:00, Перформанс
Bar Loose, Annankatu 21, Helsinki

The Speech Karaoke – as the name suggests – works in a similar way to a traditional karaoke. Instead of choosing between songs from a booklet, the user chooses between speeches. Within a relaxed atmosphere one can listen to speeches delivered by other karaoke bar guests – or try out how it feels to interpret someone's speech. Russian-Finnish Speech Karaoke will be based on texts in Russian, Finnish and English that touch upon political and human relations between Russia and Finland.