In April 2017 TOK curators Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits will spend two weeks in residency at Fire Station Artists' Studios in Dublin and will conduct  a series of meetings, presentations and studio visits aimed at the research of the local art scene and cutting-edge artistic and social practices. TOK has been invited by FSAS based on competitive selection, which they run annually for international curators. 


This 4th season of ‘Critical Mass’ is based on a series of residencies hosting international and Russian artists at the youth clubs in the Petrogradskiy district of St Petersburg​,​ and one former pionee​r​ camp. During the residencies​,​ artists, architects, designers and performers work closely with young people and create new projects reflecting upon​ the​ history of you​th​ movements in USSR, Russia and other countries, everyday ​lives of teenagers and the role ​that young people ​play in current sociopolitical processes. In the first week of November artists Anne Siirtola and Avenir Institute will present the results of their residencies and a group of curators from Stockholm will speak about the role of art institutions in the city periphery. 


The broad public program held during the fourth season of the​ ‘Critical Mass’  will consist of lectures and talks, discussions and thematic dialogues with artists, researchers, historians, sociologists and local government representatives. It will be concluded with an international conference about the history of youth movements and today’s youth policies in Russia and ​abroad in 2017. The discussion will extend to the consideration of various formats and methodologies of art education aimed at young people.


Series of artistic residencies in the framework of the fourth season of ‘Critical Mass’ have started! ​In August, the first resident, Portuguese architect Ricardo Morais (Colectivo Warehouse)  spent several days in the sports and recreational summer camp for kids "Petrogradets" and studies its environment and potential in order to create here a new architeture project next year.