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О проекте : 

Nordic Art Today started in 2010, when the project curatorial team consisting of Kari J. Brandtzaeg (Norway), Birta Guðjónsdóttir (Iceland), Power Ekroth (Sweden), Aura Seikkula (Finland), Simon Sheikh (Denmark) and Anna Bitkina (Russia) conducted a research in St. Petersburg. All Nordic curators presented an intensive program of public lectures on most relevant curatorial pratices in the Northern Europe, that took place in the art center Loft Project ETAGI. Videos of all lectures are available here.

Later the team developed a concept of the first project large international exhibition in St. Petersburg entitiled Nordic Art Today: Conceptual Debts, Broken Dreams, New Horizons. More than 35 artists from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and the Northwest of Russia partcipated in the exhibition. All works were in display in Russia for the first time  and many of them were comissioned specifically for thу show.

The project is developing now and we plan further events in its framework. 



The project Nordic Art Today initiated and organized by TOK brings contemporary artists and curators from Nordic countries to Russia. We want to introduce to the local audience the most interesting examples of artistic and curatorial practices dealing with critical approach in contemporary art. Having started in 2010, the project is planned for five years during which we will conduct a number of exhibitions, artist talks, lectures and issue several publications on Nordic art. One of the project objectives is to develop a network of art professionals from Nordic countries and the Northwest region of Russia.