Open Doors Day on the Gromov's Dacha

  • Gromos's Dacha - interior - 2013
    1/2 | Gromos's Dacha - interior - 2013
  • Actors of Sintez theater and activists from PMC "Petrogradsky" on the Gromov's Dacha - November 2013
    2/2 | Actors of Sintez theater and activists from PMC "Petrogradsky" on the Gromov's Dacha - November 2013
St. Petersburg, Academika Pavlova St., 13
21.07.2014 - 18:00

The Gromov's Dacha will alive! ​On July, 21 in St. Petersburg a long-awaited series of public events within the "Critical Mass on the Gromov's Dacha" project opens.

In the opening program: presentation of the development plans of the Gromov's Dacha, opening of the photo exhibition about stories of Petrogradsky district, excursion on the dacha, presentation of the design project of Foundation Projects (Netherlands) created specially for a mansion, the DJ a set.

Events will take place within the international project of a public-art "Critical Mass" which Creative association of curators TOK organizes in St. Petersburg since 2010. Having held two exhibitions of a "Critical Mass" in the Nevsky, Petrogradsky and Frunzensky districtss in 2011 and 2013, TOK prepares the third exhibition which platform in 2015 will be the Gromov's Dacha – a unique architectural and cultural monument of Petersburg.

Pre-revolutionary owners contained the house and a garden magnificently: fountains were beating, there was a steamship pier, on the lake the easy walking cutter was slidding. The thrown merchant dacha kept some charm till nowadays: stucco molding, fireplace, wooden ceiling. For several decades the mansion was empty. In the spring of 2013 the Gromov's Dacha was transferred to PMC "Petrogradsky" management.

The project Critical Mass on the Gromov's Dacha is urged to recover the wooden mansion of Gromov and the Lopukhinsky garden surrounding it, forgotten for a long time and to enter them into the cultural life of the city and the Petrogradsky district.

Events schedule on July 21-26.

Organizer of the project
Creative association of curators TOK

with the support of
Administrations of Petrogradsky district
Committee on youth policy of the Government of St. Petersburg
Sintez theater
A25 Internet agency
Loft-project "Etagi"