Very Special Person

  • Filming the catwalk
    1/6 | Filming the catwalk
  • Filming the catwalk
    2/6 | Filming the catwalk
  • Class of Anne Siirtola at the 'Meteor' youth club
    3/6 | Class of Anne Siirtola at the 'Meteor' youth club
  • Filming the catwalk
    4/6 | Filming the catwalk
  • Class of Anne Siirtola at the 'Meteor' youth club
    5/6 | Class of Anne Siirtola at the 'Meteor' youth club
  • Class of Anne Siirtola  at the 'Meteor' youth club
    6/6 | Class of Anne Siirtola at the 'Meteor' youth club
Youth club Raduga, Monchegorskaya street, 10B
03.11.2016 - 18:00
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Very Special Person 
Joint exhibition by Anne Siirtola and teenagers for the youth Meteor Club
Video, installation, performance  
November 3, 6 p.m.
Youth club Raduga, Monchegorskaya street, 10B
Free admission 

The exhibition 'Very Special Person' is a result of collective work by the Finnish artist Anne Siirtola and a group of teenagers from the youth club 'Meteor' in St Petersburg. During a month they worked together on creating a series of costumes and masks. Every newly created object appears to be a portrait of its author, an attempt to understand their feelings and emotions, listen to oneself and tell one’s story through clothing. During the workshop sessions Anne and the kids would discuss a variety of issues - from social expectations imposed on them by society to the contradictions between our inner self and its projections into the public space. These conversations were reflected in a clothing collection where each piece has its own story told by its creator about the courage of having its own voice and being oneself regardless the public opinion and peer pressure.  The exhibition comprises installation that represents a clothes boutique, a performance in a format of a red-cerpet event where participants will present the costumes they made and video documenting the creative process and the artist's interaction with the participants  of her project.  

The public talk with Anne Siirtola 'Participatory Art Practice: Creating Shared Experiences' takes place on November 2 at the Institute of Finland in St Petersburg 


The project is supported by:
Sector for Y​outh ​P​olicy and ​C​ollaboration with ​P​ublic ​O​rganizations of the Administration of the Petrogradskiy ​D​istrict
Nordic Culture Fund
FRAME Finnish Visual Art Foundation
Taiga Space