Spatial Complexities. Relations, learning and power in architecture and the built environment.

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Formula Gallery, Loft Project ETAGI, Ligovsky pr. 74
14.11.2012 - 19:00
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How societies, spatial structures, landscapes and architecture compose built environments differs in various eras and cultures. Why here? Why this way? These are questions that contain a manifold of answers, with various meanings. Questions on origin, purpose and how something is perceived as ordinary and normal prompt deliberations on why one room, building, location or town plan is considered better than others. It therefore concerns who defines space and in what ways, the role of spaceand above all, which space is considered. The built environment is physical and at the same time framed by concepts of materiality,which affects our experiences of it. Spatial conditions influence our everyday practices even if we often don't think about it. In this talk Sewdish architech and researcher Ebba Hogstroem will highlight some thoughts on how space is used and experienced and how spatial awareness relates to empowerment.