Opening of 'Critical Mass - 2015'

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Lopukhinskiy garden
11.09.2015 - 18:00
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Project opening - September 11, 6 pm, Lopukhinskiy garden

On the day of the official opening, on September 11thTOK organizes a community picnic in the Lopukhinsky garden with participation of architects from raumlabor, designer Rikkert Paauw, artists Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger, and performers Roman Osminkin and Anton KomandirovRaumlabor will present the results of their deisgn workshop "Emma", during which local children and parents created an interactive wooden platform for communal events. Rikkert Paauw has built a wooden tea house, which is an architectural reinterpretation of the gazebo that stood in the garden in the early 20th century. The project by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger refers to the plant Gromovia Pulchella, named after the first owner of the dacha and combines audio and visual research of the history of the plant. Roman Osminkin and Anton Komandirov will perform traditional Russian romance songs of the 19th century.  

This year the main focuses of “Critical Mass” are preservation of historical heritage and studying of collective and personal memories. Therefore, the central venue of the project is the Gromov’s dacha, a wooden mansion built in the 19th century, that had been numerously threatened to be demolished, and the Lopukhinskiy garden that surrounds the building. For these unique spot in St Petersburg the invited artists from Russia, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Estonia have created projects that appear to be the results of their research conducted over the last year when TOK first stepped into the Gromov’s dacha. Series of performative, exhibition and educational events will take place in the Lopukhinsky garden from September 4 to October 10. The main role in these events will be given to the community of the Petrogradksiy district of the St Petersburg, where the garden is located. The residents will be actively engaged in design workshops and creating art works together with the artists and performers. Unlike the two previous editions of ‘Critical Mass’, when we were more focused on the result in the form of exhibition of public art, this time we mostly concentrate on the living creative process open for the audiences to participate. The main goal of TOK this year is to form sustainable social connections within the city and connect different communities in order to create mechanisms of collaboration between cultural institutions, city administration, and citizens for revitalization of unique public spaces using art practices as an effective instrument.


The project "Critical Mass' will continue till the beginning of October and will be close with the international conference of social impact of art projects in the public sphere. Full program of events is available o the TOK website.
Project organizer
Creative Association of Curators TOK
Project is supported by
Goethe Institute
Committee for Culture of St Petersburg
OCA Office for Contemporary Art Norway
FRAME Finnish Visual Art Foundation
Promotion Fund
Danish Arts Council
General Consulate of Sweden in St Petersburg
Sintez Theater
Petrogradsky center for youth
Klass Truda creative workshop
European University in St Petersburg