Project: Самостоятельное событие

30. June 2018 - 18:00, Показ
Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf Birkenstr. 47, Düsseldorf

TOK Сurators and Inge Lāce will present the chapter Performing Words, Uttering Performance as a part of the 'D'Est: A Multi-Curatorial Online Platform for Video Art from the Former ‘East’ and ‘West’.  The chapter focuses on works that reflect upon shifts in language and meaning and employ diverse silent, verbal, performative, activist, and other strategies to discuss collective and personal memory, identity, power relations, gender roles, and socio-political change. 

1. October 2017 - 20:00, Выставка
Chopin str, 12, Jerusalem, Israel

Bringing together artists born in Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Tajikistan, who experienced migration in the early age, Dreamland Never Found raises issues related to rethinking and redefinition of the concepts of memory, identity, torn connections and belonging to one’s roots in today’s world when we witness large-scale processes of migration and reshaping of borders and nations. It also addresses exile from the perspective of longing for childhood memories that intersect with bits of collective history and search of the past that is nowhere to be found. Turning to the antecedent and questioning what the future holds participating artists reexamine Soviet history through personal lenses and reflect upon the drastic changes in the 1990s that they juxtapose with the current processes at the post-Soviet territory.

17. June 2017 - 15:00, Перформанс
Public library in Grünerløkka, Schous plass 10 and RAM Gallery Thorvald Meyersgate 51, Oslo, Norway

‘Debates on Division: When Private Becomes Public’ consists of a performance in Deichmanske Bibliotek in Grünerløkka, a public procession in the Grünerløkka area and an exhibition in the RAM Gallery. Constructed as a TV talk show the performance (r)evolve around personal stories of young people, aged 15-20, who live, study and work in Oslo. Young individuals of different ethnic and subcultural backgrounds bring to light important issues relating to their social and political positions, attitudes towards governmental structures, youth policy in Norway and visions of the future. 

4. June 2017 - 17:00, Выставка
Student Palace, Shevchenka Square, 1, Dnipro

‘(De)constructing Borders’ is the first exhibition of contemporary video art from Israel in Dnipro. It brings together videos and video installations by prominent and emerging Israeli artists, who in their works address various boundaries that we face in our everyday life - territorial, political, religious, ethnical, mental, public and personal. The concept of borders as well as processes of enforcing, moving and destroying them have always been crucial for all societies and considering the recent global sociopolitical transformations this issue becomes urgent again on international level. For many Israeli artists, reflection on questions of dis/integration, collective identity and memory, contested history and ideological changes have been central in their work and thus the exhibition focuses on processes and phenomena relevant not only to Israeli society but other countries as well.

25. February 2016 - 19:00, Дискуссия
Flux Gallery, 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, New York

The third and final public discussion of TOK at Flux Factory will focus on ethics of representation in the spheres of art and media and nuances of the professions of a journalist and a curator when it comes to describing 'the Other' to various audiences. Invited participants will speak about the process of building/broadcasting political contexts and creating certain narratives in the media during political conflicts and changing relations between countries.  We will also discuss the representation of 'the other' in art using as an example the exhibition curated by Olga Kopenkina 'Russia: Significant Other'  in 2006 and will analyse the change  of representing 'the enemy' in contemporary art and in visual mass culture over the last few years.

22. February 2016 - 18:30, Лекция
Bard College, Weis Cinema, 30 Campus Road, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY

During their residency in New York, TOK will conduct a public discussion at Bard College. The curatorial duo will speak about new artistic, activist and social initiatives which have emerged Russia over the last few years as a reaction to the political, social and cultural changes in the country. The discussion will specifically focus on artitstic and curatorial practices taking places in the public sphere and in dialogue with various urban communities. 

17. February 2016 - 19:00, Выставка
Flux Gallery, 39-31 29th Street Long Island City, New York

TOK’s first show in New York ‘Propaganda News Machine’ explores the notion of propaganda, processes of constructiing news and designing multiple realities in the media today. The exibition attempts to present, analyze and unveil some of the strategies that governments use in order to create specific images of political and social events and thus influence audience’s opinions and shapу their vision of the global political arena.

Project: The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approaches to neighborliness and interchange

15. June 2018 - 18:00, Перформанс
Bar Loose, Annankatu 21, Helsinki

The Speech Karaoke – as the name suggests – works in a similar way to a traditional karaoke. Instead of choosing between songs from a booklet, the user chooses between speeches. Within a relaxed atmosphere one can listen to speeches delivered by other karaoke bar guests – or try out how it feels to interpret someone's speech. Russian-Finnish Speech Karaoke will be based on texts in Russian, Finnish and English that touch upon political and human relations between Russia and Finland.

13. June 2018 - 18:00, Лекция
Monika-Naiset, liitto ry Hermannin Rantatie 12 A, 00580, Helsinki

Art history is filled with names of male artists objectifying women but by by the end of the 1960s female artists determined to break free from the art world's oppressive structures. In her lecture Dr Katarina Lopatkina will discuss  what strategies women in Russia and Finland used to reclaim their own voices in the society and arts. The lecture will take place in Monica Multicultural Women’s Association that assists immigrant  women in Finland. 

9. June 2018 - 18:30, Перформанс
Helsinki city center / private apartment

Yöväenteatteri / Nightshift theatre is a series of miniature performances by Livsmedlet theater that directs our perspective towards unnoticed destinies and stories inside urban landscapes. The performances are based on interviews of recent Russian emigrants who moved to Finland. Interactive format of the performance that can be viewed by no more than 10 people at a time makes it very intimate and relatable to all audiences, whether they've experienced migration or not. The performance will be held in the Helsinki city center and a priavte apartment. 

6. June 2018 - 17:00, Дискуссия
Publics, Sturenkatu 37-41 4b, 00550, Helsinki

On June 6 at Publics TOK will launch its new project ‘The Russian Bar: Why Relocate? New approach to neighborness and interchange’. The first part of the project will open with a conversation between artist, historian and writer Ilya Budraitskis and artist and researcher Sezgin Boynik, who will discuss the legacy of the Cold War and its effect on the cultural policy in the global and local sociopolitical and cultural contexts.

Project: Critical Mass 2016-2017

8. December 2017 - 12:00, Конференция
Rosa House of Culture, Bolshaya Raznochinnaya, 24, St Petersburg

The international conference ‘Fast Forward to the Future’ organized by TOK, a concluding event of the 4th season of the project ‘Critical Mass’, will analyze how various artistic and social practices might be involved in creating new ways of interacting and exchange with young people. Artists, curators, designers, architects, historians, policymakers and educators from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and The Netherlands  will present the results of their theoretical and practical research and experiences gained during work with the youths. The presentations will touch upon the history and current context of youth movements in Russia and Europe, principles of shaping youth policies in the situations of sociopolitical, economic and cultural challenges and the role of art in building up perspectives for young people.

5. December 2017 - 18:00, Лекция
Mayak School Creative Industries, Admiralteyskiy canal emb, 2L, St Petersburg

Under the name Untold Stories Ruben Pater creates visual narratives about geopolitical issues. Projects are initiated in which research is followed by visual ways of storytelling for a wide audience, creating new relations between journalism and design. During his talk at the 'Mayak' school Ruben will speak about his past and ongoing project, his vision of design as profession and mission and his recently published book 'Politics of Design'. 

2. June 2017 - 19:00, Лекция
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb., 20

During his talk in Taiga, Samuel will show a few of his video projects, most of them are linked to street photography and multiple ways of using the city. He's also going to present some of his projects as a designer and carpenter that he has done individually or with other European design and architect collectives. He will address topics that he finds relevant for his practice and will speak about artistic nomadism, public spaces, building relations with inhabitants and communities, carpentry work, recycling, travelling, working together, and street photography. Sam is a residenct of the 4th season of the project 'Critical Mass'. 

17. February 2017 - 19:00, Показ
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

TOK Сurators are pleased to invite you to an artist talk with Ştefan Constantinescu, new resident of the 4th season of Critical Mass. Ştefan is a visual artist and film director living and working in Stockholm. He works with various mediums including film, artist books and paintings approaching the political through introspection to challenge notions of identity, while working in and with issues of post-communist Romania. His work is often strongly autobiographical. Within the work, monuments are challenged as permanent inscriptions of memory, fictional films resemble unofficial documentaries, and artist books challenge history and education. The artist talk of Ştefan will revolve around his residency research, complete and ongoing projects and films.

16. February 2017 - 17:00, Конференция
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

In order to achieve something one has to turn a dream into a goal and make a detailed plan of its realization - this principle has been the motto for the residency of artist Alevtina Kakhidze in St Petersburg. The participant of the 4th season of TOK’s project ‘Critical Mass’ has been working with young people from the youth club ‘Energiya’ for three weeks. Over this time they have been discussing each other’s hopes and plans and Alevtina has been helping the young people to create individual routes of achieving their dreams. All the individual routes are to be presented at the event concluding Alevtina Kakhidze’s residency, which will be held in the format of a performative conference ‘Dream Cartographers’. All dream achievement strategies will be revealed!




24. January 2017 - 19:00, Лекция
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

 Alevtina Kakhidze will hold an artist talk and speak about her recents works created for a number of large-scale international projects and biennials such as Manifesta 10, 6th Moscow biennial of contemporary art, performative program ‘Cabaret Kultura’ organized by the ‘V-A-C Live’ at the Whitechapel Gallery in London and some others. This presentation will lead to a discussion of Alevtina’s latest practice  -  teaching drawing to children and creating gardens with kids and grown-ups. Art works of Kakhidze are based on personal experiences and imagination, talking about consumer culture, gender, love, culture of protest, experience of war, plants and animals.

23. November 2016 - 19:00, Лекция
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

Every place carries stories for those who inhabit it. These stories consist for example of historical information and of personal memories that becomes associated to a location for different reasons. In Sandrina Lindgren’s and Ishmael Falke’s theatrical works as the “Livsmedlet theatre” the stories of the cities and its people are mixed and altered with the help of visual theatre. In this talk Ishmael Falke and Sandrina Lindgren will present their work on public spaces as well as their approach to community art. Through examples of previous works and through a short presentation of their current work with the Petrogradsky youth club performance group Rain People, Livsmedlet will discuss the term “urban animation” as well as their approach to political theatre.

5. November 2016 - 19:00, Семинар
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

At the public seminar four curators will present projects of the prominent Stockholm-based art centers and will outline their main principles and practices revolving around work with local communities, neglected territories and representatives of different social groups. Curators will speak about the role of their art institutions at the outskirts of Stockholm and their participation and engagement in to the life of the peripheral areas where they are located. The main focus of the seminar will be collaboration of artists and curators with young people and the ways of their involvement into art and socially-oriented projects. 

3. November 2016 - 18:00, Выставка
Youth club Raduga, Monchegorskaya street, 10B

The exhibition 'Very Special Person' is a result of collective work by the Finnish artist Anne Siirtola and a group of teenagers from the youth club 'Meteor' in St Petersburg. During a month they worked together on creating a series of costumes and masks. Every newly created object appears to be a portrait of its author, an attempt to understand their feelings and emotions, listen to oneself and tell one’s story through clothing. During the workshop sessions Anne and the kids would discuss a variety of issues - from social expectations imposed on them by society to the contradictions between our inner self and its projections into the public space and the exhibition appears to be a  reflection of these discussions. 

2. November 2016 - 18:00, Лекция
The Institute of Finland in St Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 8

In her talk Finnish artist Anne Sirtola will speak about her finished and current projects including the project ‘Living Villages’ that took place in Karelia and brought together linguists, artists and local Russian and Karelian speaking communities. She will also present her work in progress ‘Family Stories’ based on the interviews with senior citizens in New York and will talk about the video project she will be working on together with young people of the youth club ‘Raduga’ in St Petersburg during her residency.  Anne combines installation, moving image and sound in her work in order to explore interaction and encounters between people.

1. November 2016 - 12:00, Перформанс
Youth Center ‘Sreda’, Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, 32

During  their residency  in the framework of the project "Critical mass " Avenir Institute  together with young leaders from the youth centre "Sreda" created a board game about the future. They discussed possible scenariso of the future and talked about the unpredictable events, which may become as enormous opportunities for development, and the point of the recession and the loss of capacity for moving forward. Critical analysis in relation to the future and its joint planning conducted by Avenir Institute and their project participants will be presented in a format of a board game for children and adults. Come and play!

4. October 2016 - 19:00, Лекция
Taiga Creative Space, Dvortsovaya emb, 20

Denis Maksimov and Timo Tuominen will spend four weeks in residency in St Petersburg and create a new collaborative performative project with young members of one of the city's yoth clubs. In their public talk they will speak about their reseacrh and methodologies influenced by critical theory and post-structural philosophy and continuous projects in collaboration with external partners from various backgrounds of expertise. The processes and results of the investigations are presented in variety of mediums - performance lecture, installation, text, publication, digital art, visual art, design, etc. Potential of the future is one of the main interests of Avenir Institute. 


Project: States of Control

19. August 2017 - 17:00, Перформанс
HIAP Augusta Gallery, Suomenlinna B 28/2, Helsinki

Performative talk show “I’ve Got the Power!” deals with media reality, propaganda and post-truth with the participation of experts on media studies, journalists and exhibition artists. Speakers include Maxim Alyukov, Saara Ratilainen, Kalle Hamm, Alevtina Kakhidze, Anna Bitkina, and Maria Veits. The show anchorman is Denis Maksimov (Avenir Institute). Organized as part of the exhibition STATES OF CONTROL

17. August 2017 - 18:00, Выставка
HIAP Augusta gallery, Suomenlinna B 28/2, Helsinki

‘States of Control’ aims at constructing a continuous dialogue between artists and the public of different ages and generations in order to stimulate critical thinking around the topics of information manipulation, the history of propaganda, post-truth and constructing news during times of political unrest. The exhibition proposes and tests different methods of historical analysis, journalistic investigation, and creation of additional media discourses by artists from multiple countries and backgrounds. The exhibition is the largest event of the project 'States of Control' curated by TOK in Helsinki.

8. August 2017 - 19:00, Перформанс
HIAP Augusta Gallery, Suomenlinna B28/2 (Susisaari), 00190 Хельсинки
A new play by Mikhail Kaluzhskiy 'Like It, Fake It!' deals with arts and media in the post-truth era: what happens when an artist enters hostile cultural and political context? 'An artist’s life and work are scrutinized, rumours spread freely, half-truth evolves into a big lie, social media influence general-interest media, media influence public opinion and cultural institutions. Foes are anonymous and elusive. Friends want you to not give up. What can be done?” The play continues the project 'States of Control' curated by TOK in Helsinki. 
5. August 2017 - 17:00, Выставка
Alkovi Helsinginkatu 19, 00500, Helsinki

The red velvet curtain installed by Lado Darakhvelidze in the store-front window of Alkovi, juxtaposes historical political figures and iconic images and characters of today’s visual culture and media. Being extremely ideologically and politically charged, the images are combined with allegories of the mass and social media, the main tools of ‘cooking’ our worldview and opinions today. The work opens the project 'States of Control' on media realities, propaganda and post-truth curated by TOK in Helisnki.