Opening of 'Critical Mass' 4th season public program

The fourth season of 'Critical Mass', i​nternational ​p​roject of ​c​ontemporary ​a​rt r​esearching ​p​ublic ​p​laces, focuses on the contemporary context of youth initiatives and organizations and the history of youth movements in the 20th century. It will showcase ​collaborative initiatives with teenagers and young people and​ contribute to ​integration of new artistic, curatorial, educational and social practices in​to​ government organizations working with young people and involved in youth​ oriented​ policy making. International group of artists, architects, designers and performers will work closely with young people of St Petersburg and create new projects reflecting upon​ the​ history of you​th​ movements and considering the ​everyday ​lives of teenagers and the role ​that young people ​play in current sociopolitical processes.

The broad public program held during the fourth season of the​ ‘Critical Mass’  will consist of lectures and talks, discussions and thematic dialogues with artists, researchers, historians, sociologists and local government representatives. It will be concluded with an international conference about the history of youth movements and today’s youth policies in Russia and ​abroad in 2017. The discussion will extend to the consideration of various formats and methodologies of art education aimed at young people.

Upcoming pubic program events will include talks and presentations by curator and critic Denis Maksimov (Avenir Institute), artist Anne Siirtola, performer and director Ishmael Falke and choreographer Sandrina Lindgren (Livsmedlet theater), curators Jens Strandberg and Jenny Richards (Konsthall C) and a discussion about today's youth policy in Russia with sociologists, curators, heads, of youth clubs and representatives of local government institutions facilitating activities for the youth.